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Spectrum on Chapel

Becoming a member of Spectrum on Chapel is as simple as filling out a single form, paying the membership fee of only $2 and enjoying the great benefits!

  • Sign in your Guests.
  • Earn points for everything that you spend, which can be redeemed on food & drink within the venue.
  • Purchase a range of fantastic vouchers to a variety of retail shops with your Member points. 

Member’s Discounts 

All Members enjoy a discount on all drinks purchased over the bar.

To become one of our valued Members, simply speak to one of our friendly staff who will assist you in filling out an application form. 

How Can I Use My Points?

You can use your points to make purchases on food and drinks and well as venue vouchers. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Do My Points Expire? 

Points expire annually at the end of the financial year, the 30th June. This is also when all memberships will expire and will need to be renewed. Please spend all points prior to the end of June. 


YourPlay gives you the power to track how much money and time you are spending as you play. You can also use YourPlay to set limits on the money and time you spend on gaming machines and to see your playing history online at any time.

YourPlay can be added to your Loyalty Membership card and used on any gaming machine in Victoria. You can register for YourPlay at or ask a staff member for assistance.